Keeper opinions wanted!

I am in a PPR keeper league. The rule on the keepers are that you can keep 2 players per year. You can only keep 1 player per position. The cost for the keeper is giving up your pick for the round they were drafted. If the player was a free agent you give up your 4th round pick. You can only keep a player for 3 years. This year I pick first and I am in the last year of keeping Saquon Barkley. In the keeper game you have to think of this year plus the future. My main keeper is Travis Kelce in the 2nd round. The two scenarios I am considering are dropping Barkley who would be a 4th round pick and keeping Jerry Jeudy in the 5th round and drafting Bijan Robinson. The second scenario is keeping Barkley for his last year and drafting Cooper Kupp. This is the win now option vs the first scenario I see as being more balanced for the future but also has more risk involved. Thoughts?

Keep Kelce and Barkley. Draft Bijan. Now your RBs are stacked this year, next year you have a RB already that you can keep since Barkley drops off your roster. Draft a WR in Rds 3 and 5.

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I’ve considered that too. It just leaves me a little light at WR. I ended up with Courtland Sutton and DK Metcalf as my starters last year and it cost me. Just not sure who will be there in the 3rd round at WR since that would be my first pick since drafting Bijan. Thanks for the response.

You describe your options well. Do you want now or later?

I’m leaning towards later. I also have Rhamondre Stevenson in the 6th and I considered keeping him but after Elliot signing I could see Elliot being a goal line vulture

I that case I would not keep Kelce but try a trade before a drop