Keeper help needed!

1 Keeper and I’ll provide the round required to keep them. I have the 14th draft slot in a 14 team league but have been offered to trade for the #4 spot. My keepers are as follows:
Kelce(1st) **Acquired via trade last year
Amon Ra(8th)
I’m thinking the value alone for one of those WR’s is worth it but if that is the case should I trade for the 4th pick and draft BPA?

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What would you have to give to get the #4 pick? And who do you think would be there if you do, after keepers?

I think you just take CMC with your 14th overall pick and be happy about it. It’s sort of like you get the first pick in the first round, and the first pick in the 2nd round.

Just swapping the #14 for #4! The value of Amon Ra(who I’m super high on for my 8th rounder seems to good to pass up! I won it all last year and I’ve been burned by CMC before so back to back years makes me nervous. But damn the CMC upside weekly is bonkers.

Well, that does make it more tempting to keep Amon-Ra and see who you get at #4–but then remember you’ll also be picking 11 slots later in the 2nd round.

At this point I think standing pat at #14 in a snake draft is the move. See what WR’s or RB’s fall to me and double down. If I can walk away from pick #15 with some combo of Saquon, Jacobs, Tyreek, Adams or Kelce to team with Amon Ra I’ll be thrilled!

Why wouldn’t you keep CMC for your 1st round pick, and then take one of those guys you listed for your 2nd?

Are you that scared of CMC’s injury history?

I’m just thinking strictly about who is the best value for this keeper. A ton of my leaguemates are keeping 1st and 2nd rounders so I like the idea of getting an early 2nd rounder in the 8th. Idk though, CMC at #14 sounds amazing too and then BPA at #15. I gotta chew on this

Welcome back!

All this talk, and nothing about league scoring? Standard, half PPR, PPR?

Oh wow my bad! Full Ppr 14 team, bonuses for skill guys at 100 and 200 yards respectively.

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I like this league already!

Give me ASRB. A cheap beast.

Do i swap #14 for #4 and BPA and see what falls to me at 14 and 15? Its a fun league!

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Jeez, picking 14th in a 14 team draft tho…

Normally you would have no shot at CMC. Now you have a shot at CMC. I don’t see how you don’t take that, even if you trade him next week for Najee and Keenan Allen.

Man you are very right on that one too. Tough decision!

Stars win titles. End of story.

So ur thinking cmc and stay at 14 so i get the #15 pick too?

No question, it is an easy choice.

Yes and no. Everyone grabs the known stars early. It’s the unknown stars that win titles. This is why upside is so important.

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Also why ARSB in the 8th round in a 14 team league seems so damn appealing. A guy above had a good point of just drafting cmc and flipping him in a 2 for 1 for 2 starters. Then there is the upside of cmc being cmc on a great team.

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