Keepers League (1 keeper)

Who should be my Keeper in a PPR league (1 keeper only)

Jaylen Waddle for sacrificing pick in - 8th round
Elijah Moore for sacrificing pick in - 11th round
Kyler Murray for sacrificing round - 7th round


Ugh. I guess Waddle?

Punt! Or toss a coin between Waddle or Moore. I favor Moore by a hair this year.

Welcome aboard!

Both Waddle and Moore are great WR’s in underperforming offenses, with questionable QB’s. Even though it will cost you more, I would choose Waddle, just because he was amazing in his rookie season. Even with Tyreek Hill, improving Waddle’s efficiency can only make both of them stellar.

And no, I’m not sold on Kyler Murray. There are better QB’s in later rounds in straight drafts, and they will likely be available to you in this one.