2 Man Keep Help

In a 14 Team (2 Person) Keeper League .5 PPR and I am pick 8 in a snake draft. Here are my best keep options but only need 2:
Kyle Pitts (Round 3 | Pick 35)
Jaylen Waddle (Round 6 | Pick 67) - Definitely keeping this one
Jalen Hurts (Round 7 | Pick 71)

Do I keep Pitts or Hurts or neither?

Appreciate your thoughts.

Pitts is the better value but, you will likely need to wait a year to see how good he really is.

They are both fair value with neither being anything special.

I’d probly keep Waddle and throw the other two back Rounds 3 and 7 are way too early to be taking a QB and a TE. Save those for the double-digit rounds.

Thanks! Appreciate the insight.