12 Team Keeper League

Standard non-PPR ESPN league. We can designate up to 4 keepers. Who would you choose? Dalvin Cook is a sure thing and maybe DeAndre Hopkins.

Lamar Jackson, QB
Dak Prescott, QB
Justin Herbert, QB
Dalvin Cook, RB
D’Andre Swift, RB
JK Dobbins, RB (IR)
DeAndre Hopkins, WR
AJ Brown, WR
Justin Jefferson, WR
Darren Waller, TE


Seems pretty obvious–Cook, Hopkins, Brown and Jefferson. That’s four picks in the first two rounds.

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What AxeElf said, except I’d go with Waller instead of Brown. Without PPR, the TE dropoff still counts. Also, still not sure how many targets Brown loses to Jones this year. I still think he’ll be good, but Waller isn’t losing targets to anybody. FYI: Waller had more receiving yards than Brown last season, and almost as many TD’s (9 vs. 11). They are close statistically, but Waller gives you the edge in a tough starting position to fill.

Or so hope his owners. The Raiders coaching staff, on the other hand, is probly hopeful that their young WRs will develop into a competent corps, so that the entire passing game doesn’t go through Darren Waller this season.

Parenthetically, Waller owners are also hoping for his 9 TDs from 2020, and not his 3 TDs from 2019.