Advice on WRs Adds?

QB: Jalen Hurts
RBs: J.Taylor / Kamara / Hunt / Gibson / Brian Robinson Jr
WRs: Chase, Pittman, London, Allen Robinson, Treylon Burks, Jakobi Meyers
TE: Ertz

Need advice on picking up WRs as I have doubts on production from A.Robinson, Burks & Meyers
Available: Devonta Smith, Sterling Shepherd, Corey Davis,

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How many WRs do you have to start in that league? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Allen Robinson has been disappointing so far. 50% of that disappointment came from a game in which nothing worked for the Rams. Might be a bit early to jump ship.

Treylon Burks is more of a concern. He’s competing with Robert Woods and Kyle Philips in a low-volume passing offense. The race for the #1 target is still wide open, but it’s safe to say that Burks hasn’t won it yet.

Jakobi Meyers will give you a very solid floor, thanks to 9+ targets per game. But he’s lacking TD upside. I still wouldn’t drop him, unless you had a player on the waiver wire who’s clearly better.

But none of the candidates really is.

Devonta Smith is competing for the #2 target spot with Dallas Goedert, in a low-volume passing offense. And Goedert will probably see more red zone targets.

Corey Davis is competing for the #3 spot in a passing offense that is feeding 7 different receivers. The Jets team volume was higher than expected so far, but I would not expect it to last. Nor do I expect Davis to score 60+ yard TDs all too often this season.

And Sterling Shepard is the #1 target, but in a team where you have to get only 7 targets per game to claim that spot. He barely caught half of them, making him a highly TD dependent player. And just like with Davis, I’d be very surprised to see 60+ yd TDs become a regular thing for Shepard.

The only move I can see here is dropping Burks for Smith. And even that’s a bit of a sideways move.

They’re all downwards or sideways moves, but dropping Meyers for Davis is the most likely move to be profitable.

For what’s available, I wouldn’t drop anything you have.

I might package Allen Robinson and Alvin Kamara to upgrade your WR. Not saying you’d get them, but you could aim for top level talent like Kupp, Jefferson, or Chase. I won’t say you’d get them, but you might at least start trade talks where you might.


Might as well try Rex Burkhead for Joe Mixon while you’re at it.

Starting: 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE , 1 Flex, DST , K

I already have Chase & Pittman. but perhaps another solid RB would be ideal as I am patiently waiting on Kamara to start putting up numbers. As for Gibson, not completely sold, i think he will lose his starting job to Brian Robinson, or possibility of a 50/50 split.

Its only week 3, and I am 1-1 so I am not panicking yet, just wanted to get some opinions thoughts on improving my roster. BTW… I won last season, so a repeat would be nice, but its a new season. All I care about is stacking up wins and make the playoffs.

Well, I am 1-3 and have no idea what to do with this team.
Its like I have good players, but none of them seem to be putting up any decent numbers My season might be over before half-way mark if these players keep performing this way. Decent team on paper, but not putting up numbers.

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