Need to choose from these WRs

OK I’m in a 16 team Dynasty league that has been going for 30 years. My WRs are a wreck. I need 3 from the following.
Amari Cooper
Mike Evans
Hunter Renfrow
Parris Campbell.

My thoughts are Cooper, Evans and DPJ, but could Campbell go off against the Vikings? It is a standard scoring. league.

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Welcome aboard!

I agree with you on Cooper and DPJ, although that is mainly my gut talking. It feels like a Deshaun Watson breakout this week. One or both of those WR’s will go off.

I’m not even considering Renfrow at this point. The Raiders haven’t shown they can effectively use him in Josh McDaniel’s sorry offensive scheme.

Evans is arguably the best WR in Tampa, while Campbell is second fiddle in Indy. But Campbell has the better matchup. Evans has a tough matchup, Campbell doesn’t. Against Vegas earlier this season, Campbell got 14 points. Against KC earlier this year, Evans got 22 points. That is the upside for both. However, Evans hasn’t reached 14+ points in any other game this season. This tells me Campbell’s upside against a weak opponent is a more achievable outcome.

I would take Campbell.