Need a team Assessment

Not panicking, but being realistic. My SuperFlex team. About to be 1-2 unless AJ Brown goes for 75 tomorrow.

QB: Allen, D Jones, Ridder

RB: Ford, Brian Robinson, Mitchell, Edwards, Kelley, Spears

WR: Brown, Lockett, DJ Moore, Hyatt

TE: Andrews, Ferguson

1. Call me Stubborn:

I refuse to trade Allen, Jones, Ford, Robinson, Brown, Lockett, Moore, Andrews (yet…) For better or worse this is my core. Some I can’t trade because they are simply so bad I wouldn’t get anything anyway.

Some may be sold eventually but not now

2. For waivers:

Drop Kelley, Ridder, Hyatt, Ferguson (if he has bad game)

Looking at

QB: May just ride without one, too many holes elsewhere

RB: Breida, McKinnon (so up or down)

WR: Tank Dell, Doubs, reed, E Moore, Downs (I think I need to prioritize WR and find some guys)

3. Call Me Not Stubborn

Do I need to make some 1-2 trades to get depth and I am just not seeing it, EX. Move Allen, Andrews and hope to get quality in return.

Lastly, this is a work league and the funny thing is 8/10 make playoffs (silly, but not my rules) so NO reason to do anything stupid. 5/6 of us are 1-2 after today. But I also do not believe my roster is competitive, let alone a league winner, after 3 weeks.