Adding a speculative RB or 3

Superflex and I kind of went hero RB

RB: Chubb, D Cook, Brian Robinson, Tank Bigsby

WR: AJ Brown, DJ Moore, Lockett, Nico, Brandin Cooks. Dotson

Was debating dropping Nico and/or Cooks to add a speculative guy like Jerome Ford (handcuff), Gainwell, McKinnon, Deon Jackson, Hull, Eli Mitchell, Damien Harris, Tyler Allegier


My 3rd QB is Ridder but in a superflex I don’t think I can drop him too. Waiver QBs are Mayfleid and Tannehill as ony starters left

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A speculative guy like McKinnon, he says…

Lol. Do you think he’ll pick up where he left off Kat year? Just a solid 10 points a week w upside?

After the Chiefs’ bye last year, he was more like 15 points per week, and he was the overall RB5 in PPR scoring from Week 9 on:

There’s a good chance that the Chiefs’ leading receiver not named Kelce this year is a RB…

So at the risk of putting words in your mouth, are we in agreement I stop talking to you on here and drop Nico for McKinnon yesterday, lol.

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I’d probly drop Cooks or Bigsby before I’d drop Nico.

Who are your top 2 QB’s?

By the way, Deon Jackson will be starting for the Colts this week, and possibly the next 4 weeks. He’s definitely worth a shot. Allgeier isn’t a bad play either, as Arthur Smith likes to run the ball a lot, and Bijan is still a rookie.

My two QBs are Allen and D Jones.

My biggest draft regret is I should have drafted Aaron Jones in the 4th and Goff in the 5th, but what is done is done.

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You’re golden at QB. Keep Ridder for now. I would drop somebody else if you want to add a speculative RB.

Yeah I am debating leaving as is.

Robinson, Perine, Cook could prove to be a solid flex with upside.

I tend to be very wishy washy and impatient and have traded/waivered my way out of contention in years past. (Although my Curtis Samuel for Olave trade last year was ok!)

Maybe I will just leave it alone and bit and see what goes down.

Barring injury, I think my weekly lineup is going to be:

QB: Allen
RB: Chubb
RB: Perine, Brian Jr, or Cook
WR: Brown
WR: Moore
TE: Andrews
FLEX: Dotson or Lockett

8/10 make playoffs in our league so that creates less urgency.

Your moves only work in the case of injury. I pass.

As to McK, he had a few VG games and 10-12 with nothing. IF anyone thinks he will score the same or more this year, I have $100 that says differently.

Put up or STFU (my preference). :sunglasses: