Sell high: Daniel Jones, DJ Moore

Curious on your thoughts.

10 Team SuperFlex

QB: Allen, jones, mayfield

RB: Chubb, brian robinson, kelley, edwards, bigsby, gainwell

WR: Brown, Lockett, DJ moore, Dotson, E moore

TE: andrews

Some 0-2 teams hit hard by injuries’

Trade 1: team is down Kupp, barkely, c watson , akers.

I give Jones, Kelley, Dotson

I get Lamar Jackson/Akers

TRADE 2: team lost Richardson and only has Conner and J williams as RBs

I give Dotson, Kelley, Edwards

I get Kamara/J Williams

TRADE 3: Etienne owner

I give Bigsby

I get Jeff Wilson Jr


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I’m going with the question in the title, since the post is kind of vague.

Yes, sell DJ Moore. I don’t expect Chicago to discover a passing game, since they never had one before, ever. Jim McMahon was the best Chicago QB ever, and he was not elite.

Keep Daniel Jones. He’s for real.

Yeah I am not sure who to target with Moore.

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What position do you need?

Weak at rb. Lost Chubb. Have ford and Robinson jr and a stable of guys like Kelley Edwards gainwell.

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Try for Najee Harris, Dameon Pierce, Rachaad White, or even Cam Akers. You need RB’s with upside, but who might be considered damaged goods now.

Thanks. Hopefully Ford, Robinson can keep me afloat while Edwards, Kelley, Gainwell sit there and I can hit on somebody.

Offered Dalvin Cook to Breece owner for Akers. We’ll see.

Offer him Moore. Moore for Akers is a solid trade. If Akers ends up in Baltimore, you’ve hit the jackpot.