Need 1 for flex spot

10 person standard league, need one of the following for second flex spot:
OBJ, Golladay, Marvin Jones Jr or Waddle. Any thoughts?

Probly Golladay, but Jones is a close second.

If it was my team personally I would start OBJ because I like to gamble on the unknown. However, As Elf said, Golladay is probably your safest option. Washington’s secondary looks awful, the fronts gonna be focused on controlling Barkley which is going to force Jones to throw it.

Golladay is an injury waiting to happen. I got tired of him last year in Detroit, and he hasn’t shown to be any healthier in NYG. Caveat emptor.

I’d go with Waddle. He’s already showing a connection to Tua, and that will likely grow stronger given their college history. Safe floor, skies the limit.

Jones is interesting, only because JAX may be playing from behind often. However, their inconsistency also scares me. But compared to Waddle’s situation, I’d avoid the train wreck in JAX.

OBJ is hard to support, since it is clear the Browns are a run-first team. In addition, there is his injury history. Too many factors say, look somewhere else.

If you take Waddle out of the equation, Jones would be my second choice, followed by OBJ, only because Jones has slightly higher circumstance upside than OBJ.