Start sit Wattle or Williams

Ppr… Wattle or Mike Williams if Wattle then
Flex Mike Williams or K. Walker III ?

Worried about backup qb for Wattle and Williams been bust last two weeks and Walker has hurt ankle lol

Ps Herbert is qb and other wr are Lamb and A St.Brown
Rb Ekeler and Barkley

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I would never sit Waddle. He’s always shown he can excel with or without Tua. He is also a safer option than Mike Williams.

First off it is WADDLE. I bleed Aqua and Bridgewater worked well with Hill earlier this year but not Waddle. He is still explosive and depends who Pats decide to take away.

Mike Williams has a good match and can go off for 20. I think he is the safer pick this week.

Until Williams gets hurt.

I’m fins fan too … without tua Wattle didn’t do much … trying to make an objective decision but it’s hard when you’re a Dolphin fan because of course i wanna pick wattle … thanks

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Waddle is elite, and Bridgewater is not a terrible QB. I’d take my chances on Waddle.

I share the concerns about Waddle.

. With Tua Without Tua
PPR PPG 18.6 9.4
TD/G 0.67 0.0

The sample size of games without Tua is small enough to leave a lot of room for error. But the impact of having anybody other than his old college buddy under center is notable.

If Williams scores a TD (he only has 4 for the season so far), he will likely outperform Tua.

Williams does look like the safer choice, and I would always recommend to leave fan feelings out of fantasy football decisions.

But I also know that’s easier said then done. So ask yourself: if you bench Waddle and he still goes off against all odds, can you forgive yourself? If not, start Waddle.


I’m actually playing in the FinHeaven 1 league final. It is easily the biggest Dolphins forum with thousands of members. In season my threads will draw more than a couple thousands reads and over 100 replies.

I’ll send you a message.

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