Waddle and Evans for Justin Jefferson

League is 8 teams, two flex, .5 PPR. Pros is saying that it’s a good, mutually beneficial trade. Everything else is saying I’m getting robbed. Any advice?

I’ll take JJ in a very easy decision.

Depends. You didn’t specify which side of the deal you are on, so I’ll look at both here:

Waddle side: Is Evans a regular starter for that team? If he is, who would replace him? In case there is a proper replacament like A.J. Brown, Chris Olave or Michael Pittman, then the deal is good. If the replacement is D.J. Moore, Adam Thielen or Diontae Johnson, then no.

JJ side: does the team need more depth on WR? Who are the WR2 and WR3 on that team? Same approach here, only upside down: if the team currently has to start players like Moore, Thielen or Johnson, then this trade is good. If their current WR2 and 3 are A.J. Brown or Chris Olave, then no.