Should I bench Tyreek

I have Puka, Mike Evans, and Deebo also. Waddle is officially out which means the Baltimore defense is likely to focus on Tyreek. Ced Wilson just isn’t that threatening of a #2 option. Considering Baltimore was pretty much able to shut down Deebo last week, should I take the risk?

This game can easily end up a low scoring D battle. However, I cannot bench the best WR in fantasy and believe HC McD will get him freed up for a fair to good point total.

You need to list what holes you have to fill, but I like those first 3 as well. You don’t sit a top 3 WR in the game, much less with Waddle out. I’m curious to see if K.Hamilton can stay with Hill.

No real holes to fill. Just an embarrassment of riches because people made some bad trades or gave up on people too soon, lol

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