Walker or Waddle?


Who should I start?

Walker…coming fresh off an injury in an absolute brutal matchup against the best run D in football.


Waddle, who is slumping and also playing in a cold weather game where Tua is expected to struggle

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Or look for a different option.

If I absolutely had to choose between those two, I would go with Waddle. But even an option on the waiver wire has to be better.

Would you suggest Shultz over Waddle and/or Walker?

Most definitely. Waddle’s problem is that Miami is missing both tackles, which significantly limits Tua’s options. Last week, he completed only 10 passes.

Between Waddle and Walker, I’d definitely go with Walker, despite the terrible matchup. As long as Miami is playing without an o-line, every matchup is terrible for them. And especially so when they play against one of the better pass-rush Ds in the league.

Schultz has seen plenty of volume recently, and has a good matchup. Can’t go wrong with him.


While I agree with you about Waddle’s problems, the reason I was against Walker was he was going against the 49ers defense. As we saw last night, they effectively shut him down, to the point he was only barely adequate in my PPR league (where I had him on my bench, choosing instead to start Christian Watson in my flex).

Walker racked up some 10 half-PPR points. Exactly as projected.

Waddle scored more only in 1 of the last 4 games he played, and even then, it wasn’t a lot more. The combination of a potential bad weather game and Miami playing with a crippled o-line doesn’t bode well for Waddle. He’d need a TD to outscore Walker, and he last scored one in week 9. Catch-wise, he might be held to 3 or less once again.

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At this point, we are at “we’ll see what happens”. But as I said before, I would probably take my chances on the waiver wire first.

If our poster has not yet picked, Schultz still does look to be the best choice.

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