Flex and WR2 Help

I need a WR2 and a flex in a standard league

I have Waddle, Kirk and Singletary.

Normally I would go Waddle at WR2, but after 2 shaky weeks and absolute terrible QB play in Miami, I’m lost.

Kirk has also had 2 bad weeks but he absolutely smashed in his first game against the Colt.

Singletary plays a good run defense in KC but they are below average in covering RBs in pass coverage. This game also looks to be the highest scoring game of the week, if not year

That’s a tough one, indeed.

Waddle is the best player, no questions asked. But with Skylar Thompson at QB, I’m benching him myself this week.

Kirk is good, too, but the matchup really isn’t that appealing. Terrible as the Colts are, but they haven’t allowed much to opposing WRs so far. Kirk’s good week 2 performance against them came off 2 TDs, and I wouldn’t bet on him being able to repeat that.

And Singletary only had 1 really good game this year so far. That was a close one, though, which seems to be the most favorable game script for him. He did not do well in the 3 blow-out wins, but I don’t expect one this week. So I wouldn’t blame you for starting him.

Good luck!

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