My latest trade

In my latest PPR superflex dynasty trade, I gave away WR Alec Pierce and a 2023 2nd round pick for WR Chase Claypool and a 2023 3rd round pick. Any thoughts?

For me, the Colts are much more of a run-based team, and I worry the #2 WR on Indy may not get enough opportunities to shine. On top of that, Pierce is a rookie, so even in his first season it is unlikely he could be outstanding.

The Steelers are intriguing to me. Especially Claypool, who will be able to go deep consistently for the first time in his career. In his first year, he did a few times, and blew up his TD numbers. Now, with either Trubisky or Pickett, Claypool will have a QB who isn’t locked into checkdown mode. Claypool could be due for more than one monster season.

Risky, very risky. I share the concerns about Pierce, even though there is a chance that the Colts’ passing volume will be higher in 2022.

I also agree on the Steelers, but more in a long-term perspective. I don’t think their 2022 season will be great. Yes, Big Ben was a shadow of his former self. But Trubisky hasn’t shown anything great in his career so far, and Pickett may or may not be NFL-ready. Personally, I lean towards ‘not’.

Claypool himself carries a lot of red flags himself. His maturity issues are more than just locker room rumors, you can easily see them on the field. And from all we hear, the Steelers are pretty fed up with him.

If the 2022 season goes great for the Steelers, and they manage to increase their ADOT without sacrificing too much accuracy, Claypool could have a strong season. But if their INT numbers will grow (and that’s a serious concern with either of the 2 new QBs), Claypool could easily get upset again, lose interest in playing football, and find himself replaced.

I can see both scenarios: Claypool being their future WR stud, while Diontae will move on next year and be replaced by George Pickens. Or Claypool vanishing into obscurity and getting replaced, while Diontae gets a shiny new contract.

As someone who has shares in Diontae Johnson, I will probably draft Pickens with the 2.01, as a safety blanket. And I’m very happy to have Freiermuth in every dynasty league that I play, as his production should be pretty safe in either scenario.

But Claypool is not a player I am high on.

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While I respect your opinion, I see Claypool as a player with high upside. Yes, he’s a prima donna. But the downfield upside for him is huge. With either Trubisky or Pickett, he stands to gain more than any other receiver from the retirement of Big Ben. Claypool could leap into the WR1 conversation quicker than most WR’s.