Dynasty trade for Tee Higgins

12 team PPR dynasty league orphan, no true WR1.

Receive: Tee Higgins
Give up: Claypool, 2022 Pick 1.8, Pick 1.10, Pick 2.4

I still have picks 1.4 and 1.11


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You’re giving up Claypool? Just when he will have a QB (either Trubisky or Pickett) that will be able to throw the ball farther than 5 yards downfield? I wouldn’t give up on Claypool now. He could have his best year ever.

If you want Higgins, there is no reason your trade partner wouldn’t give him up for just the picks alone. He could get several good WR’s with those picks.

Thanks for the feedback. Not so much that i want Higgins but i dont have a WR1 on this orphsn team and he’s willing to Prt with him.

I think im gonna keep all the picks see what i get out of the draft.

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I honestly traded for Claypool in one league, after trading him away last year. He has WR1 upside with Roethlisberger gone. Remember his 11 td season from 2 years ago? He could do that again, and maybe even more.

ECR has Claypool at 44 among WR’s in PPR, and I consider that super cheap.

I’m not half as high on Claypool as Ed is, but just based on the picks alone, I would not recommend to accept that trade.

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What about your thoughts on giving up Claypool and pick 1.4 for Deebo Samuel?

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My problems with Deebo:

  1. Will he be used as a runner this season? He has a long injury history, and that just seems reckless. Sure, he did ok with it last year, but he also seems reluctant to continue it.

  2. If Trey Lance is the QB, how will that impact Deebo’s production? If Lance struggles with the offense, Deebo’s production could plummet. At the very least, I would expect Deebo’s production to be inconsistent with the new QB.

  3. Another hypothetical: What if Jimmy G., gets traded or released, and then Lance faceplants? Bring up Brock Purdy. A true rookie QB, that wouldn’t bode well for Deebo.

It’s safe to say Deebo has some extreme downside, just like Claypool. Both will have new QB’s this year. But Claypool’s new QB is a positive for him, as Big Ben was on his last noodle-like arm last year, unlike Deebo whose new QB is a question mark. I know the experts are high on Lance, but they are absorbed in upside and ignoring downside. Lance has Sam Darnold downside, so be careful.

I am a Trey Lance believer. But even if he is as good as we hope, he spells bad news for Deebo. At best, he will take some of his rushing upside and goal line carries away. I’d also expect his passing volume to be a little bit lower. Or a lot, in case Lance turns out to be an incompetent passer.

Trading for Deebo in the current situation is chasing last year’s production, and that’s usually a mistake in fantasy. Deebo owners will want to be paid based on last year’s performance, but there is little chance he can actually repeat it.

If you can get him cheap, there’s nothing wrong with trading for him. But he does not project to be more than a low-end WR1 this year, so you should definitely not pay more for him.

And you should ask yourself if Deebo has more of a future in the NFL than the WR you could draft with the 1.04.

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