Dynasty Trading Away Allen

Wanting to make a move in Dynasty, as this year has been rough. This is my best initial offer from someone. They’re in win-now.

10 team, PPR, dynasty, three round rookie draft, position based on finishing place.
1QB/Superflex, 2WR, 2RB, 1TE, 2W/T/R, 1K – 15BN, 2IR, 2 Taxi

Initial offer
Trading away:
QB - Josh Allen

QB - Trey Lance
2023 1st & 3rd round
2024 1st round

I currently have Najee Harris, I may ask for Jaylen Warren and/or AJ Dillon as well. Thoughts? The picks will likely be lower, as he is currently top 4.

My team:

QB - Allen, G. Smith, Fields, Lock, Trask

RB - N. Harris, Mostert, K. Vaughn, R. White, C. Huntley, J. McKissic, S. Perine, R. Penny, C. Akers, E. Mitchell, Z. White

WR - Tyreek Hill, D. Samuel, H. Renfrow, R. Bateman, D. Peoples-Jones, E. Moore, K. Shakir, T. Burks, V. Jones

TE - P. Freiermuth, R. Tonyan, T. Hill

His team

QB - Brady, Pickett, Heineke, Ridder, Lance
RB - McCaffrey, Etienne, Jones, Dillon, Benjamin, Mattison, Warren, D. Jackson, I. Spiller, J. Kelley
WR - Higgins, Evans, Davis, Chase, R. Moore, Palmer, W, Robinson, J. Williams
TE - Everett, Schultz, Likely

Hang on - 2 QB starting slots AND a superflex?
So you can start 3 QBs?

Gosh darn, you caught me. It’s 1QB/Super, total mistype.

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Was about to say… 3 QBs would be quite the overload. :sweat_smile:

It still remains a risky trade. You know what you got in Allen, and you can only hope that you will get remotely the same from Lance next year.

I was a big Lance believer this season, and the injury shouldn’t change things dramatically for next year. But I’d be lying if I said that a redshirt rookie season followed by an injured season didn’t start raising a few concerns about him.

The trade itself is fair, though. Lance plus two 1sts - can’t really ask for a lot more there. I doubt he will add Dillon, and I’m not sure the Packers will ever use him as a workhorse RB1. Warren is a player he might be willing to sacrifice, but while Warren renders your Najee Harris almost unstartable this season, I doubt that he will become a big story himself.

I take it that his J Williams is Detroit’s Jameson Williams. Test the waters there and see if you can get him instead of the 2023 3rd. The other guy won’t like that, but Detroit just confirmed they hope to have Williams available at some time in December. So he certainly won’t help him this season anymore.

If he doesn’t want to give Williams up, see if you can get a 2024 2nd instead of the 2023 3rd. Yes, next year will be good, but the 2024 class doesn’t exactly look terrible, either. And a 2nd is always worth more than a 3rd.

Thanks for this advice, ended up with
T. Lance
J. Williams (WR)
2023 1st
2024 1st
2025 1st and 2nd

J. Allen.

I’m pretty happy with it, haha