My Besr Draft Values @ RB

I also like Chase Edmunds a lot with the McD Magic in Miami. He is at 70 and 30.
I can see a 50 and 20 finish. with some risk.

70 overall and #30 RB.

That’s basically what he had last year and his stats weren’t THAT great, he was what, like the RB35 or something?

But if he gets some of Harris’s goalline touches, Stevenson could easily surpass him.

And if Samaje Perine gets some of Joe Mixon’s goalline touches, Perine could easily surpass him.

See, it’s easy to keep a straight face online…

That isn’t even a serious response. Mixon is miles better than Perine in talent, whereas it is just the opposite in New England. Stevenson is easily better than Harris, even if Harris is the teacher’s pet.

Wanna try that one again?

It’s what is called a reductio ad absurdum argument.

By making a parallel statement, I highlighted the ridiculousness of the original statement.

Actually, you highlighted you got nothing. Moving right along…