Etienne vs Hall

Both Etienne and Hall are are rookie (1 red shirt) RB’s with great talent. Both are complete top 20 and project to be drafted in the 4th, possibly 5th round.

Etienne has Robinson coming off injury who could challenge for touches.
Hall has a good looking 2nd year RB challenging.

Etienne has his College QB in a very talented Lawrence.
Hall has a very talented Wilson with much better WR’s.

Who is the best pick?

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Safest is probly Hall, but Etienne has much more upside.

Etienne’s advantage would be magnified in PPR scoring, where Hall would have a better chance of competing with Etienne in standard scoring leagues.

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I need to see Etienne play at least most of a full pro season before I can get fully on board. That is not to say I wouldn’t draft him, but when you compare him in isolation to a guy like Breece Hall, then potential injury becomes a con against Etienne.

Now if you were comparing Etienne to Miles Sanders, I’d probably take the chance on Etienne, because Sanders doesn’t have that kind of upside. But right now, Hall has as much upside as Etienne does.

You don’t watch a lot of college football, do you.

That’s ok, you’ll be up to speed here in a few weeks.

Last time I checked, James Robinson had a better year last year than Etienne. So did Miles Sanders, Kenyan Drake, and Mike Davis. Did you watch ANY football last year?

I also played as much pro football as Etienne did last year.

Now you totally ruined me for Etienne!

Akers or Mitchell? which one to draft first

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Welcome aboard!

I would lean towards Akers, mainly because the San Fran backfield is a cluster. There is even talk of Trey Sermon starting! Just avoid it completely.