Mccaffrey for Achane and Ekeler

Would you take this trade? Mccaffrey has been so good, however, worried about his usage to keep him fresh throughout the year.

For context-

QB - Tua
RB - Kamara
WR - Waddle
WR - Aiyuk
TE - Ferguson
FLX - Brian Robinson JR

Marquise Brown

no, keep mccaffrey
]can you add mitchell to handcuff?

yes, mitchell is available, I have 2 roster spots available as I did a trade last week.

I was thinking about adding some rookies for their upside - Rashee rice, Mingo and Bigsby are available. Would Mitchell be a better add?

I like cuffing McCaffrey w/ Mitchell

Bigsby not a bad stash iether.

You say nothing of your league. Assuming redraft, you hold and a hand cuff here is a good idea.