Trade McCaffrey

I have a team that is already a little injury ravaged. 10 team PPR

My main lineup is Daniel Jones, McCaffrey, Taylor, Olave, Amon St Brown.

After that very thin, as in Nico Collins is my healthy flex.

Is it too early, or crazy, to try to move McCaffrey for a better QB/RB/WR or do you have enough confidence he should be enough most weeks.

10 team and only start one QB? You’ll be fine with Jones.

You’re probly best off standing pat, but if you want to move someone, Olave is probly the most overrated player you currently have, meaning that you could get the most return for your investment by trading him. Might be able to get Keenan Allen and Kadarius Toney or something.

Forgot I have Dak too.

Thanks. Funny enough, I just scored a package in another league where I traded Olave and got Allen and some Rbs in return.

These public leagues are tough to trade with, so a friend I who are in 8 of them just keep swapping with each other, LOL.

I’m not trying to lose but I want some variety in those leagues so I have done a ton of moves just to get my teams different.

In our main league I would play it closer to the vest I think.

Omg why is your team so thin? Is this a redraft? If you have McCaffrey, then you likely had a top 3 pick. You took St. Brown in the top 20 (okay), then Olave in the top 25? Where’s your 4th round pick?

One would think Taylor would be among his first four picks.

Oh, right. I thought I seen a ghost.

Yes I took Taylor in 4th. My guys are just dinged up. Jeudy, McLaurin, Sanders all hurt. Walker not 100 percent. Jaxon Nigba LOL.

Hell of a team I draftd, LOL.

In drafts, you’re really only supposed to take 1, maybe 2 at most (depending on league size) who you know will miss time. Otherwise it leaves you to many holes to fill, at a deficit and will all but guarantee a slow start.

Yeah this is just an ESPN public league and I think we drafted August 5th, LOL.

My main league drafts this Friday for exactly this reason.

Ended up making the move. With Taylor out now the team is just too decimated. Traded McCaffrey and Olave for Aaron Jones, Garret Wilson, and Dameon Pierce.

Good deal for you. Big upgrade at WR, and a couple of serviceable RBs.

Even with Taylor on PUP, now I have this to roll out til I get some guys healthy

QB: Jones/Dak
RB: Jones, J Cook, Pierce, Dillon
WR: Wilson, Amon St Brown, Eli Moore, Kirk
TE: Hockenson