Allow this trade.?

Would you vote to allow this trade?

McCaffrey and AJ Brown


James Robinson and Elijah Mitchell

Why would I have to?

Do I suspect that the owners involved are colluding?

Do I feel that one of the owners is mentally unfit to manage their own team?

If the answer to either question is “yes,” then of course I have to vote to veto. If the answer to both questions is “no,” then I’m not sure why you’d be axing.

Colluding? Maybe. 1st place team getting McCaffrey and Brown from last place team.

This has caused a big debate within our league.

Thanks for the reply.

Both CMC and Brown come with big risks attached (mostly injury-related), even if their upside is equally high.

On the other hand, Robinson is likely to fall victim to tougher game scripts going forward. How often do we really expect JAX to be playing to defend a lead in the second half? As for Mitchell, can he fend off Trey Sermon all year in Shanahan’s wacky game of musical RB’s?

There are tough questions on both sides of this trade. There are no perfect players in this trade. I’d let it go through, unless there is any valid reason to suspect collusion, such as something somebody has said…