McCaffery for Ekeler?

I want to see what people think about this in my 0.5ppr league. First place team and the last place team just accepted a trade a couple of minutes ago and I think it might get chat chatting.

First place team is getting McCaffery and sending Ekeler to the last place team. They can both be RB1 level guys but Christian is outpacing Ekeler in total points on less touches. The projections say the better team is getting better, the worse team is getting worse. These two managers are brothers. How much do you like this trade?

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You’re basically questioning a trade of the #2 overall pick for the #3 overall pick after 3 weeks of play.


I see this as a fairly even swap. Not sure why anyone would bother making this trade.

Both were top 5 RBs in the draft.
They are #11 and #15 in my half-PPR league right now.

CMC had 50 carries and 14 targets = 64 opportunities.
Ekeler had 32 carries and 22 targets = 54 opportunities.

CMC has 300 total yards, 10 catches and 1 TD = 41 FFP.
Ekeler has 219 total yards, 21 catches and 0 TDs = 32.4 FFP.

CMC scores a few more points as long as he’s healthy.
Ekeler is more likely to stay healthy.

I am commish in a league with 2 brothers. If they made this trade, it wouldn’t concern me one bit.

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I’m a commish in 2 leagues. I look at the trade, NOT the relationship. I could care less if they were married. I would not even blink at this trade.

Anyone complaining should look for something to do, like watching grass grow.