Amari Cooper Decoy?

Do we think coop will actually get some real targets? I have Gallup who was decent on Thanksgiving, but I’ve seen Amari play decoy too many times this year and have a feeling he may do that again after like 1 day of limited practice and still apparently showing covid symptoms. Risk playing coop, start Gallup, or go a different route entirely and play Elijah Moore. Need to win to get into the playoffs! My other Wrs are Aj Brown(IR), DHop, Hollywood. Lol been a rough year…

I have Amari myself. One thing I noticed, the Cowboys usually have a firm plan for their offense, and follow it throughout the game. If that plan involves Amari, he will easily see 10+ targets. Sadly, that happens only in 1 out of 5 games, and so far I haven’t been able to predict when.

The combination of low-end WR2 production and a highly volatile target volume (and subsequently, a low floor) makes him a rather unattractive fantasy option. I will try to trade him during the offseason.

Until then, I will start him when needed, but never with confidence. But starting Gallup in his stead is not really an option, if you ask me. It’s not like Gallup’s target share is any higher, and Amari at least has some TD upside.

Elijah Moore is risky as well. He looked good in weeks 8-11. Those were the 4 weeks Zach Wilson was out. But he’s back, and that’s not good news for Moore.

Start Amari. I will, too, on my FLEX. The Saints aren’t the worst matchup, so I will start him over Jakobi Meyers and the dynamic, yet unpredictable Patriots RB duo. (Loved Kyle Brandt’s idea on GMFB to merge those two into one “Damondre Harrison” for fantasy purposes, but I’m afraid that won’t catch on. :sweat_smile: )

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Dude… Great take here. I agree and Im rolling with Amari, Dhop and Hollywood . Good luck !

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