Looking for some keeper help

Looking for some advice as I’m back and forth on this one.
Auction draft $225 cap, 5 player Keeper league. My debate is with Breece Hall/James Cook, here are my potential keepers, don’t have a QB worth keeping.

Pollard $1
Lamb $50
Jets DST $1

Can only keep 2 total RB’s so one of these guys has to go.
Hall $44 (leaves me with $129 to draft with)
Cook $15 (leaves me $158 to draft with)

I’m nervous of Hall not getting back to pre injury form until next year and the fact that Pollard and Hall have the same bye week. Do I keep Cook and retain an extra $29 to grab another WR1 or RB1. This may be a simple answer for some but I keep changing my mind. My goal is to get a top tier QB (average $20-$30 in past drafts) and a WR1 ($45-65) or RB1 ($50-80)

Any help would be appreciated

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I don’t know a ton about auction, but Pollard is the only dog in the backfield in Dallas with Zeke gone.

Thanks for the reply, Pollard/Lamb/Jets DST are staying for sure, just tossed on the other two

Star power vs a maybe starter is not a legit question. :slight_smile:

That’s in no way helpful dude

Apology. Hall is a star , even waiting for him for up to 4 games to be right.
Cook is not assured a even starting RB touches.

More helpful? :slight_smile:

All good, yeah I get ya.

Here is why I debate this…

Hall now has D. Cook in the mix, coming off the injury and sharing the same bye week as my other keeper Pollard. James Cook is expected to start and in my opinion has a lot of potential. Being an auction draft I would always have the chance to get Hall back. Maybe I’m wrong in seeing it as more of a debate that you may.

I appreciate your opinion though, thanks

I do like Cook and he likely will start but expect Harris as a split or more if he struggles as he has done.

In my view, Cook is in NY for Hall to go easy for a month and will drop off on touches after that. When healthy Hall is electric and Cook might be a RB2

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I guess you HAVE to keep five? Otherwise I don’t see why you would keep a DST, and Lamb for $50 is questionable as well.

If it’s a forced choice between the two, I’d keep Cook and then go draft Bijan, Mahomes, and Ridley (or Keenan Allen, if Ridley goes over $30).

Getting Pollard for $1 is a gift.

So Pollard, Lamb, Jets and Cook–who’s your 5th keeper?

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Sorry, so the rules are you can keep up to 5 players,
1 QB
1 WR
1 RB
And the 5th can be at any position.

I agree Pollard is a gift and staying put.
Reason for keeping Lamb at $50 is most of the WR ahead of him are going to be kept based on what their draft value was. Diggs may be the only other top 10 receiver available on draft night so I agree it’s questionable but not worth the risk to drop him and potentially paying over 60+ for him or Diggs.
The DST was just a 4th for $1 and didn’t have a 5th keeper.

In this league, you can keep a player at original draft price for 3 years, if you want him for a 4th he becomes a RFA and his salary is an average of the top 5 salaries at that position in the last draft. After year 4 he becomes a UFA and has to be dropped.

Should have included all this in the original post but where I’m new here I didn’t know if I’d even get a response.

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Lots of"stuff" for what should be a simple NFL Fantasy Football League.

Yeah it was a hard one to get used to but been in it for 15ish years now. Draft day is great cause u can nab a stud for $1 near the end of the draft and is possible to have 5 keepers for $5 and left with $220 to draft with.

So still, why keep the Jets D? lol Don’t even DRAFT a D, just pick one up for free before the season starts, and you have another $1 to draft with.

So Pollard, Lamb and Cook and you have $159 to draft with.

Dunno what the other keepers are (or if you can get Mahomes), but you can damn sure get Bijan and you’re set at RB, and there are plenty of good PPR WRs out there as I mentioned.

I like that line of thinking, definitely want peoples opinions. Only reason for keeping the D is that ur required to fully fill the roster and minimum draft value is $1. So why not get a top 10 D for the same as the 32nd ranked D. Lot of handcuffing in this league

Fair enough, but two considerations–if you think you can get the Saints or the Commanders Ds for $1.

The Jets schedule opens with Buffalo, Dallas, New England, Kansas City, Denver, Philadelphia, BYE, Giants and Chargers (6 out of 8 likely playoff teams).

The Commanders open against Arizona and Denver (before hitting Buffalo and Philly).

The Saints open against:
Tennessee (no Burks?)
Panthers (rookie QB)
Packers (1st year QB)
Buccaneers (Mayfield/Trask)
Patriots (Mac Jones)
Texans (rookie QB)
Jaguars (ugh)
Colts (rookie QB? Minshew?)
Bears (Fields)
…all before the Vikings and then their BYE.

So if you have to draft a DST, I suggest the Saints–even if you have to pay $2 to overbid the nominator. I wouldn’t go higher than that for a D, though. There’s always Washington and streaming as a consolation prize.

Throw back the Jets and gamble…

Can’t argue with that reply, tip of the cap to ya!

Seems like $44 for all might be around his market value? They’re paying David Cook 7 million for this year. That doesn’t seem like back up money. And Damien Harris is always hurt, so do you have to think that Cook should get the majority of the touches. I always like investing in situations that are new when they can be had on the cheap. I would say throwback for defense of keep both like axe said.