Keeper Question - 10 team Half PPR (5th overall pick)

Can select one keeper of the below options:

Terry McLaurin in the 5th rd
CeeDee Lamb in the 8th rd

Also have the option of Dalvin Cook in the 1st.

Cd for me… Younger option.

Lamb is the better player and the better value.


It’s half PPR. Keep Cook, unless you have an early draft pick. It may cost more, but he’s worth it. You’d end up spending the 1rst pick on another RB, and may not get that kind of an RB.

Ed! I’m surprised at you!

Would you really want to spend your 1.5 pick on Dalvin Cook, when you will probly get something like Aaron Jones in the draft anyway–AND have Lamb already on your roster as your 8th round pick?

Think about that…

Aaron Jones is being kept in the 1st round. Looking at how things usually go in our drafts I will most likely end up with Zeke at the 5th pick.

Well, don’t complain about it–that’s even better than Cook!

To me, Cook is the best pick, period. Not a CMC fan here.

Cook is as close you can get to CMC-like production. CMC will either have to cut his touches, or face recurring injuries all the time.