Keeper Advice Greatly Needed

I am in a Keeper League (I am allowed to keep 0-5 players). Which 5 players would you suggest that I keep? I have a $250 budget
QB - Mahomes ($42)
Prescott ($36)
RB - Aaron Jones ($36)
Fournette ($14)
AJ Dillon ($8)
Chase Edmonds ($13)
Darrell Henderson ($34)
WR - Jeudy ($19)
Chase ($26)
Gage ($5)
TE - Gesicki ($10)

Your help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!! Thank you in advance for your advice!

It would be nice if you’d mention if passing TDs are worth 6 (or 10?) points and stuff, but in the absence of that I’ll assume standard half-PPR scoring.

Mahomes $42 ($34 scaled to a $200 budget)
Aaron Jones $36 ($29)
Chase $26 ($21)
Fournette $14 ($11)
Dillon $8 ($6)
Remaining: $124

Now you have arguably the best QB in the game, the Jones/Dillon handcuff for $22 each ($18 each scaled to $200 budget), another top 15ish RB in Fournette, and a top 3 WR, with half your money left.

I’d go big at TE, maybe even go for Kelce to stack with Mahomes, and another top WR (like Lamb and Adams), and that should make up any slight weakness you might have at RB–and you’ll probably still have about $30-$40 to fill out your bench.

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Thank you for your advice my friend!! I appreciate it!! Question: what should I do to get more people to answer a question? I am a rookie in this forum. Thanks again!

Get more people to join the forum.

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I love Fantasy Football and player analysis and opinion. I HATE accounting.
Most everyone, if not all, I know feel the same. Dropping the dollars makes sense.