Draft Night Results

I had my home league draft tonight. It’s a free league, but I know all the guys in it, and it is mostly for bragging rights.

About the league: It is redraft, PPR, superflex. The starting roster consists of QB, RB, WR, WR, TE, K, DST, W/R/T, and W/R/T/Q. There are 8 bench spots.

I drafted in the 5th spot among 12 teams. The draft order is determined randomly at the start of the draft:

  1. RB Najee Harris: Anyone who knows me saw this one coming. Drafting in the 5th spot, this is a steal to me.
  2. RB Alvin Kamara: Arguably early to be filling the flex position, but I like Kamara here. On a side note, I won’t be getting Kyle Pitts in this draft. I had forgotten all the Falcon fans in this group. Pitts went one pick before I got Kamara. This changed my draft strategy immensely. Stay tuned…
  3. WR A.J. Brown: When I might have taken Pitts, I instead took Brown, who might even challenge for top 5 WR status.
  4. WR Jaylen Waddle: Solid WR2.
  5. QB Jalen Hurts: After filling my main starters, I got the QB1 I wanted. Getting the Hurts-Brown connection could be profitable this year.
  6. RB Rhamondre Stevenson: This is a bit of a reach, but he was the best option here. But I got a bigger surprise later in the draft.
  7. WR Hunter Renfrow: I try not to leave a draft without “3rd and Renfrow”, even if he is just warming my bench now.
  8. QB Derek Carr: Got my superflex done!
  9. RB Damien Harris: in the first place, I was surprised to see Harris still sitting out there in the 7th and 8th rounds. But Harris in the 9th round was just too good to be believed! Now I have the New England handcuffs!
  10. TE Cole Kmet: This was the best of some bad choices. But if you have to forego talent at any position, TE is a decent place to do it.
  11. RB Kenneth Walker: I didn’t expect Walker to drop this far, but here he is, and now he’s mine!
  12. QB Jameis Winston: I decided to make sure I have 3 good QB’s. In addition, this allows me to stream matchups in my superflex position.
  13. RB Zamir White: You can never have too many RB’s. I have a small zip code of them!
  14. WR Garrett Wilson: When you can get a team’s best WR this late in the draft, why not?
  15. TE Isaiah Likely: the fact Baltimore is talking about using more 2 TE sets tells you all you need to know about Likely’s talent. The kid catches everything!
  16. K Brandon McManus: I told you earlier about all the Falcon fans in this league? Younghoe Koo went in the 9th round, in the middle of a run on kickers which started in the 8th round and went through most of the 9th (non-kickers accounted for just 4 of the 12 picks in the 9th). Anyway, back to McManus. If there is one thing I learned a long time ago, it is take Denver kickers when you aren’t sure which kicker to take. Love that thin mile high air!
  17. DST Las Vegas: Homer time!

My week 1 starting roster looks like this:

QB Jalen Hurts
RB Najee Harris
WR A.J. Brown
WR Jaylen Waddle
TE Cole Kmet
Flex Alvin Kamara
SFlex Jameis Winston (vs. Atlanta)
K Brandon McManus
DST Las Vegas

Any thoughts?

This is probably your best (posted) draft of the preseason thus far.

You only have to start 1 RB, so the Kamara pick won’t hurt you too much, and you have enough idiots in your league for someone to save you from picking a TE way too early–and also to leave you Damien Harris in the 9th! And then the Kicker run in the 8th. lol

I mean it’s nice to play with orangutans, but next year, try to get them to plop down some bananas or something so you’re not just winning bragging rights.

Had to laugh at the “AJ Brown might be top 5” nonsense, and you doubled down on that error by taking Hurts way too early, but at least you can dream for another week or two.

Probably the goofiest thing is seeing the avowed Raiders’ homer BENCHING the Carr/Renfrow stack for the Week 1 intradivisional shootout with the Chargers!

I hope they score 50 between them.

Oh, and I think you’ll find you didn’t lose much at TE going from Pitts to Kmet.

This is the first time I can honestly say I hope you’re right!

Give ya an A for the top 5.

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Keep in mind, things dropped off quickly after the top 5.