Latest Trade: Musgrave and picks

I got a trade offer from @ZakHH, and I took it: I give him TE Luke Musgrave and a 4th round pick next year for a 2nd round pick next year.

I don’t need a TE in this league, since I drafted both Sam LaPorta and Musgrave, and I have Isaiah Likely.

Any thoughts?

It’s a fair trade and could be well in your favor depending on where the 2nd ends up and how many keepers we will have.

You know I really like the top 7-8 in the 2024 draft.

Sorry, I just saw this deal was in a different league.

While that offer certainly has some Cheesehead vibes, it definitely wasn’t me. And didn’t happen in a leage I’d be involved in. Scratch that - I hadn’t seen there were 2 trades pending in that league. Still wasn’t me, though that pick was mine.

The deal looks okay.

So it was not you but the pick was yours? Thanks for clearing that up, I will now be able to sleep tonight. :grin: