Last minute NFL trade

Not sure how good this is for Hockenson owners.

In my view very good and I would trade Schultz (who is back) for him right now.

Very good for Hock owners, kinda good for Amon-Ra owners too.

Anyone going to comment on Jeff Wilson going to the Dolphins or Chase Edmonds going to the Broncos?

I did pick up Jeff Wilson in one league, dropping Tyler Allgeier. Wilson in Miami looks far more intriguing. As one of the Fantasy Pros experts was saying on the podcast, the Dolphins HC is familiar with Wilson, and adding him to a crowded backfield might make him their endzone specialist. This is a wait and see.

As for Chase Edmonds, becoming Russell Wilson’s checkdown option doesn’t excite me, even if it is better than where he was in Miami.

I agree Ed. As McD used Mostert Wilson is close behind with Mostert very fragile. Edmunds did not fit.

How is a guy who was a starting RB two weeks ago–and is currently the backup RB to the poster child for soft tissue injuries–on the waiver wire?


You just answered your own question for leagues without deep rosters.

Fair enough, I’ve just never seen a league that only has 3 man benches before.

As I said before, you just answered your own question, with:

Still not sure how being the backup to one of the most-likely-to-be-injured players in the NFL makes someone unrosterable, but whatevs.

Gamble with Mitchell coming back in 3 weeks