Lamar for Tua and 2 firsts

Would you trade Lamar for Tua, Pick 6 this year, and a 2023 first?

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Yes, without hesitation. I’m not sure Lamar will ever hit the next gear in his passing game, and he is getting too old to be running all the time. He only played in 12 games last season. Even though he is only 25, he has almost as many rushing attempts as Tom Brady (615 versus 664).

In addition, 2-1st rounders and Tua is a decent deal. Tua has some untapped upside potential. Even if he fails this year, you still have a 1st rounder next year to get a better QB, or you can draft one this year. Malik Willis perhaps?

Tua does not matter. I would look for a 5th and the 23 1st as fair value. for you.

Lamar is rolling the dice as he has no receivers aside from Andrews. JMO

Do you guys think so even in a 2 QB league. My current QBs are Justin Fields, Aaron Rodgers, and Lamar

Forgot to say it’s a 2QB dynasty league . 6 points per touchdown pass

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With the QBs you have, this would be a good time to bail on dynasty and find a nice redrafter.

Or strap in for a good long rebuild.

I stand by my original comment. This is the “now or never” season for Tua. If he fails here, then you’ve still lost nothing, with two 1st rounders. If he succeeds, you can draft for another weakness, or even replace Aaron Rodgers next season.