Dynasty PPR Superflex Trade

This guy is hot for Ceedee Lamb. He’s offered me the following deal.

Aaron Rodgers
Keenan Allen
2023 1st
2023 2nd

CeeDee Lamb
Tua Tagovailoa

Any input is appreciated. Thanks guys!

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Certainly a good offer, that favors your side. Let’s break it down.

Aaron Rodgers - may or may not play anymore in 2023.
But the same is true for Tua, who faces a “make it or break it” season.

Keenan Allen is 30 now. He may have another good year ahead of him, maybe 2, but the time is ticking.

Lamb is a promise that is yet to be delivered. We all expect his big breakout this year. But we did the same last year, and it never came, despite Dallas being one of the hottest passing offenses in the league.

Finally, the 2023 draft class looks to be a good one. If you have a 2022 1st, you can use it to draft a Lamb successor for your fantasy team. And with the 2023 1st, you can draft a successor for Rodgers. A successor who could turn out to be better than Tua. And who could even be the Dolphins’ new QB.

I’d take the offer, unless you are in “win now” mode and trading away Lamb would leave a hole in your WR room.

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I appreciate the response! With my first pick this year, I took Drake London. Traded up to get him but I think he’ll be a stud.

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I agree with Zak. Solid trade. The draft picks make it for me.

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