How much is a QB worth in 1 QB League? Tua for Jamaal Williams?

Got an offer for Tua (my second QB as I have Hurts) for their Jamaal Williams. Obviously, Williams has a lot of short term value IF Swift is out but I am a bit hesitant and think I should ask for more. Other option would be to offer Hurts for a better RB or WR and bank on Tua as my #1 QB. Thoughts?

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OMG! Any time someone offers you more than a bent paper clip and a used Kleenex for a QB in a single-QB league, you take it!

Good point. He is starting Jimmy G so he is pretty desperate. Thinking I might counter and ask for Patterson as he is sitting on his bench.

Welcome aboard!

Tua is currently at QB6, above such names as Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert. And they offered you a second string RB? I’d want somebody better than Patterson too, as Patterson won’t keep putting up the numbers he has so far. I don’t know what your WR’s and TE’s look like, but you can start digging around his talent for this trade. Look to upgrade anywhere. You have the leverage in this deal.