Tua or White week 15?

Tua vs Buf or White vs Det?

Tua has struggled but so has White. I would need to drop Tua and only have Lamar left at QB for week 16 and 17.

Do I pick up and play white or just keep Tua?

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White got railed last weekend and it looked very similar to what happened to Herbert. I’d be Leary to start him and loosing him to the first hit he takes. I’d take Tua Both are tough choices.

I’d take Tua for two reasons:

First, Tua is a very boom or bust player. His floor and White’s floor are similar, but Tua’s upside is far greater, even if it isn’t every other week.

Second, the Lions defense has been playing better lately, and that could bode poorly for Mike White.

Take Tua.