Kyren Williams the #1 Waiver Add?


1. RB Kyren Williams, Los Angeles Rams

The Rams rookie played a bigger role, partially due to Darrell Henderson‘s release but also because he took snaps away from Cam Akers.

  • Williams received all of the passing-down work — as he did last week — but he also took half of the early-down snaps.
  • He led the team in carries with 11, although he was largely ineffective at 3.2 yards per carry.
  • He also finished second on the team in receiving yards (25) after catching three passes.
  • The Rams’ next three games are all against teams that rank in the bottom eight in terms of fantasy points allowed to running backs. So, while the offense hasn’t played well recently, it could take advantage of some poor matchups.
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The Rams are a dumpster fire this year. I’d have to be desperate to take any of them right now. If Williams is the best player to add, that speaks volumes about the quality of the waiver wire at the moment. Honestly, I’d sooner take a chance on the 49ers Jordan Mason, and I’m not really fond of him either.

Yes Ed who would want a RB getting 20 touches or more for a bad team, kinda like Pierce all year in Houston? Not you.

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Have you seen Pierce’s last 2 games? That’s not gonna win you anything.

And do the other 10 games matter?

If you’re an NFL defense playing the Texans, are you going to try and stop QB Kyle Allen, or RB Dameon Pierce?

In answer to your question, no, the other 10 games don’t matter. Until the Texans get a legitimate passing game, Pierce will get stuffed.

So, the NFL took 10 games to figure out that Houston had no pass game and finally decided to try and stop the run? C’MON MAN

Pierce had 2 terrible weeks now.
Week 11 vs Washington, the 2nd best run defense,
Week 12 at Miami, the 3rd best run defense.

He will play vs. the #28 run defense now. If he still stinks this week, then yes, I am all out on him.

His ROS schedule after this week doesn’t look pretty, though. So I’d probably take a gamble on Kyren Williams right now.


I took a shot with Kyren as I needed a healthy body.

Last week Etienne was out very early in a game I needed. Mitchell got hurt again, gone for the season with Carter getting hurt as well. Etienne remains.

For the season add my pathetic trade of Jacobs and also my trade of Mixon for Swift, who reminds me of the old joke.
I want him as one of my pall bearers so he can let me down one last time. :frowning:

Not much luck with RBs this year, to say the least.

Key word there: “gamble”. Any Rams RB is a gamble at this point, and based on recent history, most of their gambles on RB’s are bad ones.

True. But Pierce showed that strong run defenses will shut him down. And he’s playing quite a few of those ROS. So he would go as a gamble in my book, too.

I don’t expect much from Kyren, but who knows… maybe he’ll surprise us all. And his ROS schedule looks fantastic. He’s playing against the run defenses…

Holy moly… good that we talked about this, he was still available in one of my leagues. Not any longer. :sweat_smile:

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Surprised you missed this schedule.

Repeat after me: The Rams can’t run block.

Unless Kyren can run like either Derrick Henry or Barry Sanders, then he is done.

Repeat after me: The Rams can’t run block.

Unless Kyren can run like either Derrick Henry or Barry Sanders, then he is done.

Yes and Dolphins RB Wilson is a guaranteed #1. Next

Oh please! The Dolphins run block better than the Rams! I’ll take Jeff Wilson behind Miami’s o-line before any of the scrubs the Rams have been tossing into their o-line!

Don’t need a top run block when you’re playing vs hapless run defenses. I’m not expecting Kyren to put up Henry’esque numbers. Solid mid-range QB2 production (around 13 half-PPR PPG) would be fine already for a player that was available for free on waiver wires.

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You do realize there’s a reason why repeating after a Super Bowl year is difficult? Because even the awful teams see the Super Bowl team on their schedule, and circle the date.

Question is what that circle in the calendar will do for teams that would have been run over by Big Ben, based on their current performance.

The Seahawks gave up an average 165.7 yards to opposing RBs so far this season. Seems like they went from “Legion of Boom” to “Legion of Playing Where’s Waldo with the Ball Carrier”.

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If you look at the Seahawks defense, looks at the RB’s who racked up the numbers (using PPR here):

Josh Jacobs (48)
Austin Ekeler (36)
Alvin Kamara (23)
Jamaal Williams (23)
Cordarelle Patterson (22)
Javante Williams (19)

The Seahawks have played against some tough RB’s. Now let’s see how the lesser RB’s have faired:

Jeff Wilson (with SF, 12)
Eno Benjamin (9)
Saquon Barkley (15)
James Conner (11)
Leonard Fournette and Rachaad White (10 each)

So it’s not impossible for Seattle to shut an RB down. I would look at these numbers and say Kyren is not in the class of player to have a blowout day against Seattle. At best, he may break double digits.

Whom the Seahawks allowed to set new league records. Something which even below-average run defenses did not.

Who, despite being a dual-threat player, was held unter 10 points by the 49ers, the best run defence in the league.

Who got completely shut down by the 49ers last week. And held in check by The Rams, Steelers and Ravens the weeks before, all top 10 run defenses.

Who got stuffed by the Commanders and the Pats, two top-10 run defenses.

Who got stuffed by the Rams D the week before, a top 5 run defense.

Who got stuffed by all 3 other run defenses he played.

Yes, all these RBs are good. But they are not unstoppable. The Seahawks run defense is genuinely terrible. That doesn’t guarantee success for Kyren, but it creates a huge opportunity. There are certainly more terrible gambles than betting on Kyren this week and beyond. Especially since Stafford may not return this season, meaning the Rams will be forced to keep it mostly on the ground.

Here’s my hot take: if Stafford remains out, Kyren will finish weeks 13-17 as a top 15 RB.