Seeking keeper input

10-team PPR auction, 2x flex, 2x TE, 3 IDP, $300 budget, up to 4 keepers.
($5 added to value each year kept; numbers below reflect cost to keep this year)
No-brainers: J. Taylor $26, Chubb $21.
Other possibilities:
QB Lance, $5
RB Gibson $19
RB Stevenson $5
WR M. Thomas $5
WR A. Robinson $5
WR A. Cooper $5
RB D. Harris $14
TE Freiermuth $5
WR Gallup $6
WR J. Meyers $17
I’m leaning toward two out of Cooper, Robinson, Thomas, then spending savings on TEs (we use 2, and the top ones go for a lot).
Also, any auction strategy suggestions encouraged.
Thanks for your input!!

Keep Thomas and Robinson along with Taylor and Chubb.

Target Ertz, Goedert and Kmet at TE, and you’ll have a couple of top 5ish TEs at discounted prices. If you’re going to spend up on one, make it Andrews, assuming he’s not kept.

It will be interesting to see how you spend your remaining $243, but you can pretty much afford to have Mahomes at QB, so why not? Add a couple more blue-chippers and you should still have enough for a legitimate bench.

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QBs go fairly cheap in this league, because of the need for two TEs. I got Dak last year for $9 and Drew Brees the two years before for around $5-7.
It’s an interesting format.
Cooper is kinda tempting, because he’s so cheap (but same price as Thomas and Robinson). He was $30 last year. Interested to see what he’ll do with Watson throwing to him in the future.

Yeah, but that future isn’t this year.