Offered Kelce : shoudl I do it

Well you guys the best so need help with trade advice . I am 3-2 and can be 4-2 if my guys perform Monday night game

Standard league : we start 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE and 1 flex

My current team :

D Henry
M Gaskin
A Collins
D Montgomery
D Hopkins
E Sanders
J Waddle
M Thomas
C Davis
Z Ertz

I am offered Kelce and I give up A collins ,
E sanders and Higbee

Should I do the Trade ? Im confused . Im gonna be real thin in RB and maybe flex .

Whats all your thoughts


Good luck u all

Collins is hurt, and might not even play this week. Also Rashaad Penny is being activated from the IR this week, so they could end up splitting carries even if Collins is healthy. Trading Collins and the others for Kelce looks like a pretty sweet deal for you.

What Kelce brings to your team is something you can’t get from Higbee and Ertz. Now your RB situation needs to be dealt with…

You may have to hit your waiver wire on this one. Is Khalil Herbert still out there? You could go with him until Montgomery returns.

Thanks so much . I just did the trade and it feels good .

So my waiver wire options :

D Johnson : some one else will pick him def

Other options include :

R moore
H Ruggs
D mooney

Thanks and good luck

100% yes, you should accept that.

For the WR’s, I might take some of those over your bench wideouts. Id say Thomas and Davis are good to be replaced by those guys. Leaning towards Ruggs, Mooney and Bateman in that order.