Keeper Help - Pick 3!

I keep flip flopping combos. PPR, drafting 8th, we also start 6 IDPs (3LB/3DB) total 26 rounds.

Need 3:

Lamb 5th (can keep only this year)
Hunt in 8th (can keep only this year)
Dointe in 12th (can keep only this year)
Lamar in 16th (can keep only this year)
Aiyuk in 17th (can keep this year and next)

Lamb, Diontae and Aiyuk.

Dionte, Lamar, and Aiyuk. All best values

Time to totally confuse you here: Lamb, Lamar, and Aiyuk.

Lamb first: He is the best WR here, with huge upside in the Dallas offense. Well worth the 5th pick.

Lamar is stupid cheap at 16th. His upside is 2019 stats, or possibly some combo of that with improved passing stats. If the Ravens can actually figure out how to create a passing game, we could see a 4k pass/1k rush QB.

And I think we all agree Aiyuk is just too cheap at 17th.

It really is a mess for me. I can find reasons for and against every combo. I know whatever i choose will be wrong haha

Essentially, in a one QB league, you should esteem your QB approximately the same as you would esteem a K or a D. There are tons of them available, and other than the elite 4-5, it really doesn’t matter which one you get–any QB between 7 and 17 will score within a point or two per week of any other.

So if you wouldn’t keep a K or a D over a top 20 WR like Diontae, then don’t keep a QB over him either.