Williams or Waddle?

I have run several mock drafts for a dynasty, PPR league. With the 10th pick in a 16 team league, I occasionally see Travis Etienne, and he is a no-brainer pick when he falls to me. The rest of the time, I am seeing Javonte Williams and Jaylen Waddle falling to me. Either would improve my roster. I missed the playoffs by one game last year, so I am in a “win now” mode. Of Williams or Waddle, who has the higher upside in their first year?

That’s tough, as both seem like ‘could be better in the future’ players. But both also could explode onto the scene given their skills and draft capital. As the RB, Williams is probably the safer pick to retain value and hold as an investment. When deciding between two players in dynasty, I usually lean RB, so that’s how I’d go.

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If you are looking for higher upside in the first year, I’d go after Waddle. He is very likely to carve out an immediate role in the Fins’ offense, and he plays for his former college QB.

Williams will dethrone Gordon for sure, but if it happens this season already remains to be seen. I wouldn’t be surprised, but I wouldn’t bet on it, either.

In terms of year 1 upside, Waddle is your man.

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