2022 Keeper Advice: Waddle, Bateman, or Davis?

I have 3 solid keeper options but can’t figure out who I like more. League is 12 team half PPR redraft with 1 keeper. My options are:

-Waddle in the 11th round
-Bateman in the 15th (last) round
-Davis in the 15th (last) round

In terms of talent I love Waddle, but his QB is unproven and I have no idea what the offense will look like this year. Also they added one of the best receivers in the league to eat into Waddle’s ridiculous 2021 target share. Bateman has great talent as well but I think he’s the second best pass-catcher on the Ravens (Andrews) and if the Ravens opt back into a run-first approach that will hurt his opportunity. Davis flashed last year and also will most likely be the #2 in the best offense in the league. But there are plenty of other mouths to feed in this new offense with a new O-coordinator. I’m leaning towards Davis just based on the offensive situation but I’m interested to hear what others have to say,


I might go with Waddle, based on talent alone. He is easily head and shoulders above the other two, and the cost for him isn’t prohibitive. An 11th round pick is still picking through the dumpster.

Also, I’m not sold that Tyreek Hill will steal that many targets from Waddle, although certainly a few. I expect Waddle will be the primary target consumer in that offense, based on his relationship with Tua.


I agree with @edmcgon.

Tua doesn’t have to be great to support 2 fantasy relevant WRs. The lack of alternative targets will make sure both Waddle and Hill will finish as top 15 WRs, if not top 10.

Hill will certainly attract a lot of targets. But he will also attract a lot of defensive attention. That will open doors for Waddle. I can see a scenario in which Waddle sees less targets, but produces as many fantasy points as Hill.

Bateman and Davis are both fine prospects, but Waddle has both a higher ceiling and much safer floor than both of them.

I’d go with Waddle.

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