Keepers for Auction Draft

We get two keeps for our auction draft with $200 to spend. You get to keep the player and spend what you drafted the player for in the year prior plus $1. I have my one lock keeper at Cooper Kupp for $27. The question i have is who do I keep as my second keeper?

Austin Ekeler $57 (Leaves me with $116 for draft)
Joe Mixon $42 (Leaves me with $131 for draft)
Devonte Adams $7 (Leaves me with $166 for draft)
D’Andre Swift $13 (Leaves me with $160 for draft)
Leonard Fournette $3 (Leaves me with $170 for draft)

Give me Adams for $7.

Why not Swift for $13?

Honest question, as that’s the answer I would have expected, and I wouldn’t disagree with it.

Swift is a solid choice; both he and Adams probably represent a draft savings of about $30 at those prices. I just like the idea of starting with two first-round WRs and $6 more auction cash than one of them and a mid-tier RB1 with $6 less auction cash.

Kinda depends on who else is being kept, though. If there aren’t any better RBs available for the draft, then locking in Swift at $13 becomes more attractive.

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We don’t know who the others teams keep until draft time

Any consideration to keeping Adams and Swift and throwing Kupp back? I know it may be little crazy, but if Swift and Adams have a $35 value each, it gives you $50 in equity. So even getting Kupp back at $50, you come out ahead.

If you apply the same reasoning to keeping Adams and Kupp, you’d get $23 in equity from Kupp (at your estimate of $50) and $28 in equity from Adams (at your estimate of $35), so now you have $51 in equity, and if you buy back Swift at $35, you’re WAY ahead.