Keeper Question (2nd year player)

I’m a fairly newer FF player and the league I’m in is doing a single Keeper this year. Its a 12 man league, half PPR.

In looking at my options I’m a little torn and having a difficult time deciding who to keep

Rnd 11 = Tony Pollard
Rnd 12 = Jalen Hurts
Rnd 15 = Michael Thomas

I was leaning Hurts in Rnd 12, but of course Thomas is now off the PUP list and I’m second guessing myself. In last years draft everyone was steering clear of him so I picked him up late on a whim

Any insight or thoughts are appreciated, thanks and good luck to all of you this year!


Welcome aboard!

Thomas is a very hit or miss prospect at this point. Having missed the majority of the last two seasons, we really aren’t sure what to expect. Will he return to 2019 form? Who knows?

Pollard could be good, but remember that Zeke is still there, so temper your expectations.

Hurts looks like the best choice. He has QB1 upside, and even top 5. Kind of a steal for a 12th round pick.


Thanks for the reply and the breakdown! That makes sense and makes me feel better about my initial thought of leaning towards Hurts.

Thanks again, I appreciate it!


I agree with keeping Hurts. That helps take away from worrying about drafting a QB until later. If you are concerned about Hurts, pickup someone like Cousins or Winston late as insurance.

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Hurts is the only one worth a shot and he is far from a great keeper.

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Hurts has good upside potential, but there is some risk. But even if he only performs as good as last year, he was QB3. I can live with that, plus he gets AJ Brown this year. I’m missing the bad in this?

Far from a great keeper is much different than bad, at least to me. I don’t see this as the big value I’m accustomed to but a decent one, like a 3rd or 4th choice.
Good to talk, over surgery and be around. I’ll show a bunch of examples later.

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When you say 3rd or 4th choice, are you talking 3rd or 4th round, or 3rd or 4th pick in the first round?

Neither. For example, in my league we had 3 keepers and a bonus undrafted keeper with the first two rounds of the draft off limits.
Going from memory I don’t believe Hurts would be kept by any one of the teams.

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