Keeper advice 10 team PPR

Can keep 1 and have these options with round that it will cost… 10 team PPR snake drafting on turn 10/11 etc.
AJ Brown-1st
Dameon Pierce-8th
Jacobs would be choice but his holdout has me concerned.
Opposing team players being kept and round.
Kelce- 1st
St. Brown-5th
Garrett Wilson-8th
Chase-1st (owner hasn’t declared, best guess/only decent option)

I think I would keep Hurts with that 3rd.

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If you only start 1 QB in a 10 team league there’s no need to keep one, so Jacobs is probly your choice.

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You do not have a great option. Hurts is the best available value, easily for me.

Jacobs was run into the ground last year. He will be getting hurt if he sees the field, hence why holding out is his best option. Neither option serves fantasy well this year.

Give me Hurts in the 3rd. He’s like an extra RB on top of the QB numbers.

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He was for one year, but QBs that run a lot typically don’t have good injury outlooks either.

And in this league format, QBs are a dime a dozen.

Why on earth are St. Brown, Olave and Wilson so devalued? I don’t know how you don’t roll with Wilson here.

Maybe because he’s on someone else’s team?

Yeah, Hurts is the smart choice and advice from people who actually play fantasy.