Keeper Question - 10-team PPR, need 3

Derrick Henry in the 1st, CMC in the 2nd (or 1st if I don’t keep Henry), Ekeler in the 5th, Higgins in the 6th, Herbert in the 10th. Need 3.

Keep the three RBs. If you can’t start them all, you can trade for a blue-chip WR, since all three are among the top 5 picks in every draft in the world.

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Henry and CMC are both high-upside high-risk players. In PPR, CMC’s upside is higher. Who of them will last longer this year is everybody’s guess.

Ekeler in full PPR seems like a natural selection. Expect some regression from last year, though. But in the 5th, he’s still a steal.

Higgins in the 6th is a nice option, too, though the 3 RBs are more valuable. If your league is trade-happy, you can always try to cash in on one of them. Otherwise, keep Higgins and flip a coin on Henry or CMC.

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