10 Team Standard Scoring 1QB Keeper League

I have the 10th pick and CMC as my keeper so I will get the 11th pick this year also. Do you take one of Hill or Adams or do you go Jonathan Taylor or Nick Chubb if they are still there? CMC would be my pick at 10 as a keeper.

I would take the best player available at #11. Derrick Henry would be my first choice, then Zeke. If they’re gone, then maybe Dalvin Cook or Alvin Kamara–and don’t forget about Aaron Jones.

The players that are probably being being kept are Cook, Zeke, Henry, Saquan, aaron Jones, Kamara, Diggs and Lamar Jackson…So the 5 players in consideration for me to pair with CMC would be Chubb, Taylor, Kelce, Adams and Hill. Do you pair potential RB1 with potential WR1 or double down on RB?

Of those choices, I’m probly going Hill–but if Najee Harris was there, I’d take him. If you go Hill, Chris Carson should be there for you at the end of the 3rd in a 10 teamer. If you go Harris, hope for Lamb.

Especially in a Standard League, you’re going to want Chubb here. CMC + Chubb in a standard scoring league to start? Watch out!

I’d go with Kelce. A dominant TE who is close to elite WR’s is hard to find.