Keeper Question - 10 Team League

I have a question…so I am drafting No. 3 in our draft this year. I am trying to decide if I should keep a number of players. If I keep Josh Allen, D’Andre Swift, Mike Evans or DJ Moore. I can keep up to three of them and if I keep one I will lose my third round pick, two both third and fourth and three then I would lose my third, fourth and fifth.

It is a PPR league and trying to figure out if I would be better off keeping them or dropping them and just picking up someone in the draft. I am going to have the third pick in the third round so it will be a good selection for sure.

We are a 10-team league and Josh Allen was awesome for me last year. Thanks for any advice!

Swift is the player with the highest ADP, and even he’s right after the end of the third round for 10 team leagues–so no, you don’t have any players I would pick at 3.3, so I wouldn’t keep any of them for that pick, either.

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