Keepers question

I have been going back and forth on my two keepers. The way my keeper works is that you lose a pick correlating to the round which you drafted the keeper. However if i keep a player who I obtained from waivers the prior year then I get a -2 from the following years draft position.

I am definately keeping Jamarr Chase (drafted him in the 7th round last year). My second pick is the one I am going back and forth. Last year my first round pick was Saquon Barkley. I also picked up Eli Mitchell from waivers last year. I currently have the 3rd pick overall in this years draft. Should I keep Mitchell (adp 42) in 12 team league which equates to loosing a 6th round pick (4-2). Or should i keep the better player in Barkley and loose the 3rd overall pick (with 2 keepers its almost like a 3rd round pick)?

Other players of note last years team are Dalton Shultz, Amani Cooper, Antonio Gibson, Goddert, Arron Rodgers and Aiyuk.

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Of the two options, I think I’d keep Mitchell for the later pick and see what you can get with pick #3 in the draft.

Out of curiosity, what would it cost you to keep Aiyuk? He’s probably a pretty solid WR3, if you can get him dirt cheap or something.

You should do better in the first in place of Barkley who is not a top pick.

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Start with I don’t like either Barkley or Mitchell, period. You can dress them up in round drafted, but neither is a league winner. Sorry.

Tell me what picks you give up for Schultz, Goeddert and Rodgers?