12 team 3 player standard keeper

In a 12 team standard keeper league (3 keepers… 2WR spots, 1RB, and WR/RB flex). The keepers take the position of the first 3 draft picks, so we start at round 4. I have the 3rd overall pick. Right now my keepers are Keenan Allen, CEH, and Davante Adams. I could probably get a Ekler or a Gibson via pre draft trade for somewhere between a 6th and 8th rounder. Should I target one of those guys and get rid of Allen?

You listed 3 keepers, and you said the league allows 3 keepers. so what are your other keeper options? Are you saying Ekeler and Gibson are your other options? Or are you talking about drafting them?

Ah my bad. I meant via pre draft trade for a draft pick - I thought I had put that in there, I’ll edit it.

That’s better now.

On a side note, I’m not fond of that system. The keeper league I’m in places all your available picks at the front of the draft, although they also allow unlimited keepers. But enough of my editorializing…

So what you are talking about in conventional draft terms is trading a 3rd and a 5th rounder and Allen for Ekeler or Gibson? Since it’s a standard league, I’d prefer Gibson over Ekeler, if you can swing it. Ekeler for Allen is a bad deal.

To be honest I’m not a huge fan of the setup either. It’s the longest running league I’ve been a part of so that’s why I’m sticking with it. Appreciate the advice!

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